Rotaract Club of Nicosia – Professional Development Event (05.11.2013) “The Concept of Volunteering in Modern Society”

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As part of the ongoing training, education and development of its members and the general public, Rotaract Club of Nicosia organised on 5/11/2013, a Professional Development event titled “The Concept of Volunteering in Modern Society”.

The Commissioner for Volunteering and NGOs, Mr Yiannis Yiannaki, who was the main speaker, introduced this newly established position and explained his main duties and responsibilities. He presented and analysed his aims and goals in relation to the modernisation of volunteerism in Cyprus, with particular emphasis on the need for co-operation and co-ordination amongst the various NGOs.

Mr Yiannaki also presented the “Declaration of the rights and responsibilities of volunteers and voluntary organisations” which has been approved by the Council of Ministers, following Mr Yiannaki’s suggestion. Copies of the Declaration were handed-out to all participants.

Mrs Nadia Karayianni, board member of the NGO Support Centre and an active volunteer for several years, elaborated on the concept of “volunteerism”, with particular reference to the status quo and future perspectives. She presented the NGO Support Centre’s philosophy and their upcoming projects.

Mrs Karayianni shared her own experiences, gained through her involvement in NGOs, and noted the difficulties NGOs are faced with during the ongoing economic crisis. However, she expressed her certainty that these difficulties can and will be overcome and that the new Commissioner has a very important role in supporting and assisting the NGOs.

The Red Cross Representative, Mr George Frantzis gave a historical overview of the organisation and elaborated on the new strategies they are in the process of implementing in order to modernise and better-organise the Red Cross.

He placed emphasis on the importance of cultivating a culture of volunteerism in Cyprus, using as an example other European countries, and highlighted the benefits of being a volunteer.

The participants then had the opportunity to ask questions and enter into a fruitful discussion with the three speakers.

Both Mrs Karayianni and Mr Frantzis expressed their interest in a future co-operation with our Rotaract Club, which was noted by the Commissioner with pleasure. In the Commissioner’s view we, as Rotaractors, have a very important role, as representatives of the new generation and as active members of the society, in effecting a change in this field.

In the end, our President Niovi Georgiades awarded, on behalf of our Club, the Certificates of Appreciation to the three speakers and promised that us Rotaractors, will do our best to promote, develop and improve volunteerism in Cyprus.

We would like to thank all the speakers and the participants for attending our event.

Special thanks to our Professional Development Officer, Anna Maria Leotsakou and President Niovi Georgiade for organising a great event.

Rotaract Club of Nicosia Handover Dinner (13.06.2013)

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On 13 June, the Rotaract Club Nicosia held its handover ceremony, in the yard of Octana, in the old town of Nicosia. Under a starry sky, the presence of members and friends of the Club and Rotaratians helped to create a beautiful and festive atmosphere. Glafkos Mitsidis, President of the club for two consecutive years, 2011-2012 and 2012-2013, thanked the attendees and members of the Club and handed over the wheel to Niovi Georgiade, President for 2013-2014.

Glafkos gave a brief review of the year and gave the floor to Rotary President, Anthony Ashiotis and to Rotary – Rotaract liaison officer, Louis Thoma, who in their turn thanked Glafkos for all the excellent work during the past few years and wished for a good cooperation for the new year. The new President presented the new board and committee officers (Past President: Glafkos Mitsidis, Vice President: Antonia Hadjicosta, Secretary & International Projects Officer: Evie Christodoulou, Professional Development Officer: Anna Maria Leotsakou, Club Service officer: Charalambos Koutrouzas, Community Service Officer: Antonis Savva and PR and Social Media Officer: Mae Mavroudis) and announced the pinning of two new members of the club, Agis Eliades and Maria Ioannidou.

At the handover ceremony, it was with great pleasure that members of the Rotaract Clubs Kition and Ledra were hosted, as well from the Rotary Club Aspelia. The night evolved beautifully, with wine and smiles among the, approximately, 40 attendees.

Rotaract Fellowship Weekend in Agros (12 -13 January 2013)

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Rotaractors gathered from Clubs all over Cyprus to share a beautiful experience during the Fellowship Weekend that took place at Agros on the second weekend of January. Of course Rotaract Club of Nicosia members made a strong presence, as they were catalytic in the organization of this event and were assisted by the generosity of our sponsoring Rotary Club of Nicosia.

On the 12th of January a group of 30 Rotaractors met at Rodon Hotel in Agros to spend the weekend together, get to know each other better and create bonds between our Rotaract Clubs.

On this ice-cold day the programme started with a rich lunch and some village wine at Kyriacos Tavern to warm us up and break the ice between those of us who had not met before. With the ice broken we then went back to the hotel, where Mr. Peter Harsh made an interesting presentation about Rotaract, the roles of the Board members and gave some answers to the participant’s questions. The day finished with dinner at the hotel and some fun games enjoyed by all the attendees.

Following Sunday morning breakfast, the group visited the Tsolakis House of Roses, where we found out the production procedure of rosewater and other relevant products, such as soaps, liqueurs and candles. The Agros fellowship completed with a last stop at Niki’s sweets, just to sweeten our Sunday melancholic afternoon and the sad end to what was described by all as a successful Fellowship Weekend.

Presentation to District Governor at Chateau Status (07.09.2012)

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On this warm night of the 7th of September, Rotaractors from around  Cyprus gathered at Chateau Status in Nicosia to welcome our District Governor, Kevork Mahdessian and took the opportunity to present our respective Rotaract Club’s to him.

Impressed by the presentations and the good work displayed by all Rotaractors he wished us the very best in our new endeavours and stressed the importance of fulfilling the message of the 2012-13 theme of the RI President Tanaka , “Peace Through Service”.

We all thanked him for his presence and advice and invited him to join us at the garden area of Chateau Status to enjoy a glass of wine, an excellent choice of finger food and of course our good company.

Rotaract Club of Nicosia would like to thank the organising committee for their excellent organisation of the night!

See below for our Clubs’ presentation on the night:

Rotaract Nicosia Handover Dinner @ Mediterranean Restaurant (20.06.2012)

Dear Friends, guests and visitors,

It was with great joy that we held our Handover Dinner on Wednesday, 20th June. The venue of our dinner/handover was at Mediterranean Restaurant (, where we all enjoyed a fun night, of  getting together and celebrating our Club’s achievements of the 2011 -2012 period  for the last time before the New Rotary Year began.

We were particularly glad to have with us Mrs Yioula Papakyirakou, our sponsoring Rotary Club’s President for 2012 -2013,  District AG Maria Christopoulou and Rotaract – Rotary Liaison Mr Louis Thoma for yet another one of our events, confirming that the solid Rotary -Rotaract relationship from the years before would continue with even greater zeal this Rotary year.

During our informal Handover Dinner those Rotaractors who would not be continuing as officers this year were thanked for their work and the new Board was introduced and welcomed by all for what promises to be an even more fruitful Rotary year.

Best Rotraract regards and all the very best to us all !!

Glafkos Mitsidis
President 2012 – 2013
Rotaract Club of Nicosia
to view our new Officers click on this link

Rotaract Nicosia @ the Association for the Prevention and Handling of Violence in the Family (28.01.2012)


Our Club’s effort to support the Association for the Prevention and Handling of Violence in the Family was met with much enthusiasm by all our Rotaractors, our friends and the general public.

Through our mini marathon of December Christmas Bazaars and the sale of our 2012 Rotaract Calendar not only did we manage to raise awareness about the Association’s programmes and initiatives but we also managed to raise over 2000 euros as net proceeds in order to purchase some much needed household goods for the Shelter.

Fortunately after having bought all items on the Association’s “wish list” there was a remaining sum of 600 euros.

On 28th January 2012 a team of our Rotaractors went over to the Associations offices to drop off our ‘gifts’, the remainder of the 2012 Calendars (to be sold or given at the Association’s discretion) and of course the amount of 600 euros all of which were handed over to the Association’s Programme Officer, Mr Marios Nikolaou.

He thanked our Club warmly for showing such keen interest in the Association’s work and for our Club’s efforts to support them and wished us all the very best in our next endeavours.
Our Rotaractors reciprocated the wishes and assured Mr Nikolaou that our Club will stand close to the Association for any further assistance in the future.
We kindly ask you to spare a few minutes of your time by clicking on the link below to find out more about the Association and their efforts.