Rotaract Fellowship Weekend in Agros (12 -13 January 2013)

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Rotaractors gathered from Clubs all over Cyprus to share a beautiful experience during the Fellowship Weekend that took place at Agros on the second weekend of January. Of course Rotaract Club of Nicosia members made a strong presence, as they were catalytic in the organization of this event and were assisted by the generosity of our sponsoring Rotary Club of Nicosia.

On the 12th of January a group of 30 Rotaractors met at Rodon Hotel in Agros to spend the weekend together, get to know each other better and create bonds between our Rotaract Clubs.

On this ice-cold day the programme started with a rich lunch and some village wine at Kyriacos Tavern to warm us up and break the ice between those of us who had not met before. With the ice broken we then went back to the hotel, where Mr. Peter Harsh made an interesting presentation about Rotaract, the roles of the Board members and gave some answers to the participant’s questions. The day finished with dinner at the hotel and some fun games enjoyed by all the attendees.

Following Sunday morning breakfast, the group visited the Tsolakis House of Roses, where we found out the production procedure of rosewater and other relevant products, such as soaps, liqueurs and candles. The Agros fellowship completed with a last stop at Niki’s sweets, just to sweeten our Sunday melancholic afternoon and the sad end to what was described by all as a successful Fellowship Weekend.