Rotaract Club Nicosia – International Project Participation

Scroll through some of the International Projects we have participated in from our District and beyond…. hope you enjoy!


Rotaract Club Nicosia participation in Bostanli Rotaract Club’s “World Explorers Bulletin”

To celebrate the 500th anniversary of the Piri Reis World Map (1513Bostanli Rotaract Club was inspired to create a bulletin to give Rotaract Clubs arround world the opportunity to exchange information about famous and accomplished explorers of all time from every country. Each participating club chose one remarkable explorer from their own country and prepared a small text including a brief description about the explorer and his/her photo. Bostanli then created a bulletin out of all the work collected and shared these “World Explorers” on the RotaractNet group and Facebook by posting the World Explorers Bulletin.

Rotaract Club of Nicosia was glad to participate and proud to share the story of George Andreou, the first Cypriot to climb Mt. Everest.

We thank Bostanli Rotaract Club once again for this great idea and the chance to join forces for this excellent International Project and congratulate them…Tebrikler!!

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Rotaract Clubs Nicosia and Bostanli – Izmir create a Calendar for 2013

The 2012 -2013 Rotary Year theme was “Peace through Service”.

Rotaract Club of Nicosia was glad to be invited to participate in a joint international project by Bostanli Rotaract Club – Izmir/Turkey.  The project was to design a 2013 Calendar with photos from both Cyprus and Izmir/Turkey.  We did our best to send out photos of Cypriot food, sites, tourist and other popular areas from the island. These photos were sent to our fellow Rotaractors in Turkey and they prepared a very professional multilingual calendar (Turkish/Greek/English), copies of which they sent to us. We thank Bostanli Rotaract Club for the opportunity to join forces for this excellent Peace Project and congratulate them …… Tebrikler!!

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Rotaract Club Nicosia’s participation in RAC Gezira Sporting Club’s ‘District 2450 Pictorial’

As an invitiation to celebrate Tourism Day and in order to exchange knowledge between various countries, RAC Gezira Sporting developed a project called “2450 District Pictorial”. They called on all interested Clubs to submit a pictorial with facts and photos from our respective Countries and ofcourse a group photo of our Rotaract Club. This is was our Club’s contribution….

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RAC Nicosia District Pictorial Page

And this is the complete 2450 District Pictorial ……Well done RAC Gezira Sporting for successfully completing a briliant idea!!

Rotaract Club Nicosia participates in RAC Beirut Metropolitan’s International Project ( 2013 Agenda with RAC logos from around the globe)

In this project our Club along with over 100 other Rotaract Clubs around our District and beyond sent our Club’s Logo. The logos were used as part of a printable daily Agenda for 2013.

We are proud to have participated was in this international project in along with other clubs from Cyprus and have made our Rotaract Logo present to Rotaractors around the world (see March 9th -10th)

Feel free to print out the Agenda 2013, distribute it and use it as an agenda for this year.

Congratulations to RAC Beirut Metropolitan for this excellent result !!

Rotaract Club Nicosia joined an International Project called Mega International Project Around The Globe organized by The Rotaract Club of Metn, Lebanon, D2450.

It’s a “Non-touristic Guide” : An E-Guide that highlights all the “Authentic” or “Small Businesses” (restaurants, clubs, bars, museums, galleries, monument, parks, natural reserves) of a certain city/country, which are not usually visited or mentioned during touristic tours.

The Objective is to promote authentic cultural heritage of each city/country to all the tourists (Rotaractors and Non-Rotaractors)

Project Coordinator : Antonia Hadjicosta

Mega international Project

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