Alexandra Rotary, Victoria, Australia, toasts our Club!

On February 6th 2012 it was with great surprise that we found in our inbox an email from  Alexandra Rotary in Vicotria, Australia informing us that our Rotaract Club had been the Toast of their Meeting….

….we had been “discovered” as a result of our previous two day online facebook event held in conjuction with PASYKAF on the occasion of the World Cancer Day.

I quote their email below.

“6th February  2012

To the President

Rotaract Club of  Nicosia,   Cyprus

Pres.  Glafkos Mitsidis

Dear Glafkos,

Our Club has an established custom of toasting a Rotary Club from another country at our weekly meetings. This broadens our knowledge of clubs around the world. We had the pleasure of toasting your Club at our meeting. We wish your Club every success in your Rotary endeavours. We’d love to hear from your club.

Reason for Toast:  February 4 was World Cancer Day which we recognised last week.

Tonight we toast a small, but very active Rotaract Club which was sponsored by the Rotary Club of Nicosia.

In conjunction with the Cyprus Association of Cancer Patients and Friends, the Rotaract Club of Nicosia hosted a two day online facebook event, inviting people to spread the message “Together it is possible..”

Yours in Rotary,

Tom Farrell

Alexandra Rotary Club”

To reciprocate the Toast our Rotaract Club toasted the Rotary Club of Alexandra at our next Club Meeting.