Rotaract Nicosia @ the Association for the Prevention and Handling of Violence in the Family (28.01.2012)


Our Club’s effort to support the Association for the Prevention and Handling of Violence in the Family was met with much enthusiasm by all our Rotaractors, our friends and the general public.

Through our mini marathon of December Christmas Bazaars and the sale of our 2012 Rotaract Calendar not only did we manage to raise awareness about the Association’s programmes and initiatives but we also managed to raise over 2000 euros as net proceeds in order to purchase some much needed household goods for the Shelter.

Fortunately after having bought all items on the Association’s “wish list” there was a remaining sum of 600 euros.

On 28th January 2012 a team of our Rotaractors went over to the Associations offices to drop off our ‘gifts’, the remainder of the 2012 Calendars (to be sold or given at the Association’s discretion) and of course the amount of 600 euros all of which were handed over to the Association’s Programme Officer, Mr Marios Nikolaou.

He thanked our Club warmly for showing such keen interest in the Association’s work and for our Club’s efforts to support them and wished us all the very best in our next endeavours.
Our Rotaractors reciprocated the wishes and assured Mr Nikolaou that our Club will stand close to the Association for any further assistance in the future.
We kindly ask you to spare a few minutes of your time by clicking on the link below to find out more about the Association and their efforts.