Rotaract Nicosia – Radiomarathon 2011


The Radiomarathon constitutes a great example of voluntary commitment by both outstanding individuals as well as common people of all ages,residing in Cyprus and in any other place with Cypriot and Greek communities, towards those children who are facing life with a fighting spirit, determination and passion.

Through multi-famous events, the Radiomarathon sensitizes and informs the public on the issues regarding the children with special needs, thereby facilitating the change of mentality towards this problems and the reintegration of these persons in the society at large. In parallel, it collects substantial material sources that will help render this problem less.

As always its key message is that everything can be achieved with ” The Power of Love”

On Tuesday 25 October a team of Rotaract Nicosia’s Rotaractors volunteered their time and energy to help raise funds in support of the Radiomarathon cause.

The results where impressive as our team of Rotaractors managed to raise more than 500 euros!

A very big thank you to the team for this success!

Rotaract Nicosia Radiomarathon team:

Marie Nicole Georgiou, Athos Pieri, Evripidis Hadjinestoros, Glafkos Mitsidis